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Cause' when push        
        comes to shove
You taste what        
        you're made of.
You might bend,        
        till you break
Cause its all        
        you can take.
On your knees        
        you look up,
Decide you've        
        had enough.
You get mad,        
        you get strong,
Wipe your hands        
        shake it off,
"I'm going to leave something with you for your protection," said Leonard.
"What do you mean?" said Peter.
As he drew near, Peter saw that it was a small bird.  Small, but extraordinarily beautiful. Its body and wings a startling emerald green, its delicate, darting head a brilliant summer daisy yellow.
"Perfect," said Leonard.  "If I may?"
He held out his left hand and the hunter gently placed the bird on his palm.  Leonard gently curled his fingers around the delicate creature.  With his right hand he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a golden sack.  He loosened the drawstring and carefully placed the bird inside.  He then pulled the drawstring tight again and let the sack rest on his palm.  For a full minute nothing happened; everyone just stared at the sack.  Waiting.  And then they heard it.
"Bells!" said Alf.  "It's the bells!"
It was coming from the sack but it felt as though it was in the air all around them.  A lovely, delicate, tinkling sound.  A happy sound.  A mischievous sound.  And Peter understood it.  He stared at the sack, his eyes wide.
"That's right," said Leonard, smiling.  "She's talking to you."
"But who is?" said Peter.
"She is," said Leonard, as he loosened the drawstring and pulled the golden sack down. There, standing on Leonard's palm looking directly at Peter oblivious to the gasps of the boys was....
"It's a fairy!" said Peter.
"Yes," said Leonard.  "Or at least that's the name that has been given to these creatures so we'll call her that.  Peter, she's your fairy and she'll watch over you."
The fairy, in a shimmer of gold, sprang from Leonard's hand and darted to Peter, flittering around his head and filling his ears with her magical bell sounds.
"Those are my friends," Peter said.
"Who are you talking to?" said James.
"The fairy!" said Peter.  "Don't you hear her talking?"
"No," said James.  "Just the bells."  The fairy darted over to Molly, circled her head twice and darted back to Peter.
"Yes," said Peter.  "That's Molly."  Then, more bell sounds.
"No she's not!" said Peter.
"What did she call me?" asked Molly.
"Oh nothing," said Peter.
Leonard laughed.  "Looks like you've got a jealous fairy!" he said.  "She'll be a handful that one....but she'll watch over you Peter.  That's her job" 
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