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Cause' when push        
        comes to shove
You taste what        
        you're made of.
You might bend,        
        till you break
Cause its all        
        you can take.
On your knees        
        you look up,
Decide you've        
        had enough.
You get mad,        
        you get strong,
Wipe your hands        
        shake it off,
The Annual Jacquie Hirsch Memorial
Girls Buffalo Challenge Meet



Each year Greater Buffalo Gymnastics & Fitness Center hosts
The Annual Jacquie Hirsch Memorial Buffalo Challenge Gymnastics Meet.
100% of the administrative profits from these competitive gymnastics meets goes directly to Jacquie's Foundation.  To date the Challenge has contributed over $20,000 to The Jacquie Hirsch Leukemia Research Fund.
To view photos from previous Challenge's please visit our
To learn how you can get involved, please visit