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Cause' when push        
        comes to shove
You taste what        
        you're made of.
You might bend,        
        till you break
Cause its all        
        you can take.
On your knees        
        you look up,
Decide you've        
        had enough.
You get mad,        
        you get strong,
Wipe your hands        
        shake it off,


The Annual Jacquie Hirsch For A.L.L. Foundation
 Vera Bradley Holiday Open House!
This year's celebration will be November 21, 2014 from
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm at:
     6000 Goodrich Road  -  Clarence Center, NY
Sales made from Thursday, November 20 - Saturday, November 22 will also be honored!
Just say, "Jacquie sent me!"  The Perfect Gift will also be accepting phone orders if you are unable to make any of the days.

Many of you who were forutnate enough to have met or known Jacquie, knew of her LOVE for Vera Bradley handbags and accessories.  An annual holiday open house is hosted at The Perfect Gift in Clarence, Jacquie's favorite place to shop for Vera's.  The event is open to EVERYONE!!  Please bring as many friends as you like! The Perfect Gift donates 10% of the sales from this event directly to The Jacquie Hirsch For A.L.L. Foundation. So get a babysitter, call your girlfriends and have a night of fun shopping to support a great cause! Guys, this is also a great time to get gifts for your girlfriend, wife or mom. Vera's really are 'The Perfect Gift'! Get ahead on your holiday shopping this season and support Jacquie's Foundation at the same time. Refreshments will be served, we hope to see you there!

A Vera Bradley Handbag named
for Jacquie Hirsch!

Leading up to and following The Jacquie Hirsch For A.L.L. Foundation's Inaugral Vera Bradley Holiday Party, stories and  pictures about Jax, her Vera handbags and accessories began to pour in! We compiled a special scrapbook with all of Jacquie's Vera's and how they corresponded to aspects of her life.
Together, we are making an attempt to have the Vera Bradley Company recognize Jacquie by doing a pattern in her colors and named for her.  As of October 2014 we have not gotten any word from the Vera Bradley Company but we remain hopeful that Jacquie will be honored.  We thank you for all of your efforts and support.